5 cool tech gadgets to buy this year

These tech gadgets we have cherry picked will make life more entertaining and may help you out with a gifting idea for a family or friend

  • Feb. 4, 2022

Living in a house full of tech-savvy people, we often find ourselves bored using the same gadgets every day. However, these five gadgets have gotten us hooked on them and they never cease to amaze us and surprise us with new features and games every day. Check this out and don’t forget to order them this year.**
** If any links are redirected to the Amazon site, as an Amazon associate we may earn an affiliate commission as a result.

Oculus Quest 2

This one is the icing on the cake. At first, it seemed that this was a bit overwhelming to use but the Oculus quest 2 succeeded in grabbing my attention every day so much that now it has become my best pal! From games to workouts, this gadget will keep you busy and on your toes. So much that you may feel like skipping the gym every once in a while :)


Hover Electric Scooters

This summer, I have taken a vow that I am going to be outdoors a bit more spending time on my electric scooter. I was first introduced to this when I visited Maryland, Baltimore, and my cousin and I rented these from Lime bikes. I had the time of my life riding this and I decided to invest in one which I bought directly from Amazon


Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

I am not sure about you all but I am a fan of vintage classic looking speakers that have the best technology. Yea sounds a bit like “I want to have the cake and eat it too”. But hey, Marshall was able to satisfy this for me! I was looking for a set of Bluetooth speakers that looked great but were also of great quality. I disliked that every time I called my friends over and had a party, I would have to play music through my Sony Television. Marshall came to the rescue and ever since I have ordered these, I have never gone back to using my TV as speakers. 


Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

My entire family is fond of taking pictures and also being in it. Yep, the cake proverb is relevant here as well. More so, they demand that the pictures taken on a given day should be printed out the same day. Sounds demanding doesn’t it? Well, let me introduce you to this Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera. You take a picture and it instantly prints it out. I recommend that as soon as the picture is printed, it be kept in a dark closed place as it needs some time to get the colors out and the colors come out way better if kept in a dark closed space (like a drawer or your cabinets). I bought this on Amazon and loved that Amazon recommended me to purchase it as a bundle that came with the film pack. Best decision ever! The print quality is awesome and I decided to give one of these to my six-year-old cousins as a gift.


HidrateSpark STEEL Smart Water Bottle

If you are someone like me who barely drinks water and needs to be reminded to, then this water bottle is for you. This HidrateSpark water bottle glows (there is lightning underneath it that is big and bright enough to catch your attention) reminding you to hydrate yourself. It also tracks your water intake via Bluetooth when connected to the app. The good news is that this app is free!

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