5 essentials from Amazon under $30

These items are not only reasonable but are essentials that every household needs

  • Jan. 29, 2022

On a chilly cold day where the weather forecast said we will be expecting almost 5 inches of snow,  I had no place to go but my bedroom. Thankfully, these 5 items had kept me busy and I think you all should get them before they stock out on Amazon. Please note that as an Amazon associate, I earn commission.

Fabric Shaver

Thank god for this, I got busy shaving out all those loose-end threads and lint from my white Martha Stewart comforter. Had it not been for this shaver, I would have started looking for a new comforter. As you know, good comforters cost more than $100 bucks but this shaver that was for around $13 bucks just saved my bank account from debiting more money.

Folex Fabric and Carpet Cleaner

Folex has saved many dollars and many lives as far as my house is concerned. I follow this influencer Daryl ann Denner and upon seeing one of her stories, I decided to buy this less than $12 item. Coincidentally, the day this got delivered to me, I dropped an entire glass of red wine on my white carpet. I generously sprayed the Folex solution on the affected areas and with a cloth, I rubbed this a few times, and just like magic, all the stains disappeared. on this snowy day, I used Folex to clean up some stained areas on the couch along with some stains I happened to see on my dining room chairs.


Leather Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner

If you are someone that owns a pair or two of white color leather shoes, I am not sure about you but I dislike the fact that after wearing them a few times, they start turning pale yellow with stains. I am not someone who has the heart to continuously spend by buying new pair of shoes. I found this $17 leather cleaner online and from the time I have used this, my life has changed (well the life of my shoes has changed). In under 10 minutes, you can get your white shoes clean, spick and span.  


Mr Clean Magic Eraser

This item is under $10 and if you are someone who has light-colored countertops or tiles and you see stains that you want to get rid of completely, then this product is for you. Use this on any stains and it is just like magic! You will see stains disappear immediately. I use this on shoes at times as well and sometimes, I also use this on my windows when I am on a cleaning spree.


Food Bag Sealer

Being under $10 and Amazon's top pick, this one is my favorite! In my free time when I am in a "super organized" mood, I use this on all open packets to make sure the food items stay fresh. More so, it helps avoid any accidentally spills.

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