Bringing waffle house to your home

This waffle maker will make you turn your Sunday brunch into one you will want to keep having deja vus of.

  • July 10, 2021

As a newlywed couple who just got married right before the global lockdown hit due to covid, we dreamed of that perfect Sunday brunch where we could get up, and with that mug of coffee or tea, we could have a plate of Belgian waffles made in no time. We were trying to turn our normal lunch into a perfect brunch with some chocolate syrup or Nutella. For over a year, we went about searching for a budget-friendly waffle maker that was not only high quality but could also turn that waffle flour into fluffy or crispy Belgian waffles depending upon what we were in a mood for. More so, we wanted a sleek-looking waffle maker that could fit right above our mini toaster oven. One could say we were being extra picky! But guess what - we found our perfect match! Introducing you all to the Oster Belgian Waffle Maker (priced below $20 - Wow!)

Waffle Maker

This was one of our favorite buys during covid! We found this on Amazon** and after reading all the reviews, we decided to add it to our cart and checkout. It is compact, high quality, and super easy to clean. Whether you like your waffles fluffy or crispy, this one does it both ways! Don't forget to add a few slices of butter to the bottom of the waffle maker if you are looking for that extra crisp. To add some finishing touches, top your waffles with some sliced strawberries and/or bananas along with some drizzle of Nutella and maple syrup. Last but not the least, you could sprinkle some powdered sugar to make it picture perfect! 

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