Ditch the microwave and use this kettle

This kettle is one of the best hacks to ditch the microwave for warming your water or morning coffee.

  • May 2, 2021

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You might be urged to use your microwave early in the morning, between work meetings, or even during lunch breaks for warming that cup of hot water, coffee, or tea but have you thought of investing in a kettle? Before we get into this hot selling item, let's take a moment to reflect on why we prefer kettles to microwaves for these exact reasons.

  1. 1. A kettle boils water faster than a microwave and even faster than boiling water on a stove-top.
  2. 2. You can use a kettle to also make yourself a delicious cup of hot cocoa or even ready-to-eat soups!
  3. 3. Scientifically proven, kettles are almost 50% more energy-efficient than microwaves when it comes to consuming energy.
  4. 4. Most of the kettles available in the market automatically switch off upon reaching a boiling point (so in case you are sidetracked and forget about this, you need not worry since these kettles are self-sufficient)
  5. 5. Cleaning a kettle is super easy - if it starts accumulating limescale on the base, simply take a used lemon slice and rub it around for a few seconds to get rid of these spots.
  6. 6. Kettles are small and easy to store away.

While shopping for a kettle, the one crucial thing was that the kettle needed to be made of glass. Being able to physically see the inside from out was key and as they say, a watching pot never boils, this was truly not the case for me when it came to a glass kettle. Next, the desired kettle was something that I envisioned would be light and not bulky. Furthermore, what I was looking for is that this kettle needed to be able to serve a minimum of 4 cups of water. Lastly, I had a fixed budget in mind of not shelling anymore than $30. The Chefman 1.7L kettle from Target did it for me! Sleek in looks and having all the features, I was sold the moment I saw this. What was more appealing as it's the price - at $19.99, I did not even have to think twice. I have been using this kettle for the past 3 weeks and I think I made the best decision of switching from using a microwave to this kettle for boiling water to making a cup of coffee. I like that this is cord-free and detachable which helps in reducing any unwanted accidents. At the end of the day, investing in this inexpensive kettle won't break your bank but will surely help you make a cup of hot water every day. 

P.S - The last we saw, it looks like this product was low in stock at Target.com. Here is a link to the same kettle available at Amazon.com. If you are a prime member, take advantage of this by ordering now for free 2-day shipping.

In case you are willing to spend slightly more, here are a few alternatives to this Chefman kettle that you may like.


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