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Because we want you to give your skin a little love, here is to buying this to making it a part of your regime - the best part of your day!

  • Feb. 15, 2022

We are excited for you to try our limited edition face globes! Order yours now on Amazon before the summer ends! For a limited time, it is available for $21.99 and as always, prime members get free shipping.


Our Camera Ready Tip

Start your morning routine with these cryo facials globes that eliminate the melting and mess of ice cubes. Just pop them in the freezer for 15-20 minutes and see the impact it has on your skin.

Why choose face globes by theEditr?

Our face globes are freezer safe and the boron trioxide composite makes the glass resistant to extreme temperatures. The glass is lead and BPA-free making it safe for your skin.

The Perfect Gifting Idea

This elegant box and product make it an amazing gift for your special women for their birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, Christmas, or Mother's day. This also can be a part of your bridesmaid hamper or a gift for the lovely bride-to-be.

A regime for successful home spas

1. Make sure to keep the ice globes in the freezer for about 20 minutes before following the other steps.

2. Once you take out the globes from the freezer, take some Cetaphil (Any variation will do but use the foaming one) and apply a little to both the ice globes.

3. Rub the ice globes on your forehead, cheeks, under the eyes and the neck. Perform in circular motions for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

4. Wash the globes with water until all the soap is out. Dry the globes before putting them in the box.

5. You can now rinse the soap from your face as well. 

6. Glow and flaunt your elegance!

We have also put together some tips, tricks, and informative regimes for you. Give it a try and we will continue to share success stories here. Don't forget to leave us a review once you buy and try our product. You can also visit our store on Amazon by visiting Amazon.com/theeditr




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