Spring up your bathroom under $120

Don't miss out on these bathroom essentials to give it an upgrade this year by saving on big remodels.

  • May 2, 2021

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Every time we got a chance to peek into our powder bathroom this year, my wife kept telling me that we need to remodel this bathroom. Currently living in a rented townhouse, I expressed disinterest in investing in remodeling the same. That’s when my wife started plotting out a road map on elevating it without really putting in effort into swapping out the tiles and the vanity section. She started to picture the props that could help revamp this mini bathroom into something that would match the overall feel of our home.

The first thing she wanted to do was swap out the bathroom rug* along with the contour rug and the toilet seat cover*. As spring started to show some colors right outside our house, she pictured pastel shades including those of yellow, pink, turquoise, and sea green in our powder bathroom. Next, she wanted to add some spring flowers* (flowers with a bronze finished vase) right on the vanity. Lastly, being of Indian descent, she decided to throw some ethnic Jaipur touches by adding some gold storage organizer trays* (or slates if you may want to call them) and a soap dispenser* that had a touch of rustic gold to it. To give this some finishing touches, she added a couple of small hand towels* on the counter, 2 main hanging hand towels (dark turquoise blue* and yellow*), a mini plant*, and reed diffusers to make this bathroom pop out. Oh, I forgot one more thing - the Kleenex* facial tissue papers to help with our spring and summer pollen allergies.

All this while, I was told not to enter the bathroom or take a preview of the revamps that were taking place. Once her settings proved to blend into the overall look and feel of our home, I was slowly brought to our powder bathroom, and there - I was stunned! All under $120 and in less than 5 days, this was one of the most elegant edits I have seen!

Bathroom Image 1 - PRK    Bathroom Image 2 - PRK

I would highly encourage you to check these out (have linked all products here). Thanks to Amazon.com*, Target.com, and our local HomeGoods store, my wife was able to get these edits done in less than 5 days. Email us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. We aren’t expert DIYers but with my wife’s creative ideas and my supportive nature, we think out of the box yet economically to help elevate the cozy parts of our home :-)

Please note: The contour rug and toilet seat cover were purchased from Boscovs altogether for under $20. The small hand towels were purchased from Homegoods for under $5. These all are currently out of stock but we were able to find similar products on Amazon.com*. For products purchased from Target.com, please refer to the links above. For detailed information on products available at Amazon.com, see below for all products.

Golden Tray

Contour Rug & Toilet Seat Cover

Flowers With Brass Finished Vase (Linked to a similar product since the brass one is out of stock)

Small Hand Towels

Medium Size Hand Towels


Soap Dispenser

Mini Plants

Kleenex Facial Tissues

**Please note that for any links redirected to Amazon, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate.

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