Top 3 pizza picks in New Jersey

If you are a New Jersey resident or are planning to visit, you don't want to miss out on these pizza places!

  • July 16, 2021

Do you find yourself brainstorming cuisines that you want to try every weekend and then end up eating pizza from a pizza place that is just around the corner from you? How many times have you found yourself guilty of searching "best pizza places around me" on Google and are then disappointed after eating a slice or two? Well, worry not! We got your back and we don't want you to miss out on these pizza places. Your weekend game nights or date nights are about to turn into a pizzalicious delicacy.


Denino's Pizza Place

We rate this as one of our top picks especially because they have the best well-done crusted plain cheese pizzas. It gets even better when you tell your server to get you a plain cheese pizza with sesame crust (Yes you heard us right! They make sesame crust pizzas!!). We have found the people to be extremely friendly, accommodating, and patient. For instance, if you like your pizzas well done, we recommend you let your server know the same and they will be sure to make them crunchy without the crust being burnt. Like your pizzas light on cheese? Worry not as they will balance the content out if you request them to do so. If you are a party of 4, you need to order 2 pies (Each pie is about 16" and is cut into 8 slices). Don't forget to give your phone number to them every time you order a pizza cause as soon as your profile hits 10 pizzas, you get a free plain cheese pie! 

**Denino's is closed every Monday but is open every other day through the week so be sure to plan your pizza trip here accordingly! If you plan to visit, don't forget to take a bottle or two of Wine as this place is BYOB friendly.


Blaze Pizza

This isn't a local pizza chain of New Jersey (good news for all you folks who live out of New Jersey!). If Denino's is out of the way, our next pick would be Blaze! As you can already tell, we are thin-crust well-done pizza lovers. Whether you are looking for a plain cheese pie or pizza with some toppings, this is our go-to! What we love about Blaze is that the concept is very similar to a build-your-own salad like Chopt or Sweetgreen. You start by:

  • - Selecting your sauces - They have a standard marinara sauce, a spicy marinara sauce, and a pesto-based sauce. You could ask for a blend of either the marinara sauces (if you are in the mood to try it spicy) or even a blend of all three.
  • - Selecting your cheese - You get to choose from a variety of cheeses but we normally go for the mozzarella.
  • - Toppings - For veggie or meat lovers, they have got it all! Bell Peppers, Olives, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Spinach, and more...

After you are done selecting these, they garnish it with a pinch of salt and oregano. Lastly, if you want your pizzas well done, just let them know and they would be happy to keep them sitting in the oven for longer. Once your pizzas are out of the oven, we do highly recommend asking them to drizzle some pesto over as this just makes the pizza perfectly perfect!

The blaze has a ton of locations throughout the United States of America. Be sure to sign up for their loyalty program to accumulate points every time you decide to eat here.


Singas Famous Pizza

One fine day while driving by the famous Oak Tree Road in Edison NJ, we came across this pizza place and wanted to give it a shot as we saw a huge line waiting to order. More so, we saw the delivery person take more than 20 boxes out and we did not want to miss out! If you order two pizzas (irrespective of the type), they give you a free plain cheese pizza and that's their evergreen deal. Our top two pizza picks are one with bell peppers and corn and the other with spinach and garlic. The third plain cheese pie that comes complimentary with it makes the entire meal just perfect. We do prefer letting them know to go light on cheese as the sauciness just comes to life only then. Singas has many branches across the states of New York and New Jersey and is growing exponentially. 

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