Your 3 day food-coma weekend in Boston

If you live in the tri-state area and can find a long weekend but are not sure what to do, we suggest packing your bags and going to Boston.

  • Feb. 9, 2022

If you live in the tri-state area and can find a long weekend but are not sure what to do, we suggest packing your bags and driving to Boston. If distance is a constraint, flights work too as they aren’t extremely expensive. Apart from some historic places and tourist areas, here are 3 restaurants you should know about in Boston and we suggest you do not miss out on these.

Areas to Visit

Newbury Street

This street is filled with restaurants, cafes, and cute mom-and-pop stores. In the spring, it looks gorgeous as the leaves turn into different colors and flowers start to blossom. You can pass your time here by strolling around, grabbing some coffee and desserts, and shopping around.


Quincy Market
This place has some character and culture to it. There are many restaurants and local stores in this market area. People come here to relax and walk around. We recommend visiting this place as there is lot’s to do here.


Prudential Center & Copley Place Mall
If you are a shopaholic and like local and luxury brands, don’t miss out on visiting these malls. At some point, both these malls are connected by an “indoor” bridge. There are many stores in these malls and some really good cafes too.


This is a really good spot if you want to stroll by the water (if it isn’t too chilly or cold). We recommend relaxing here and visiting Boston Harbor.  The seaport area is starting to gain popularity and attraction amongst locals and visitors.


Restaurants to Visit

You can go here for lunch too but we recommend the dinner scenes. The variety in food is more as compared to the lunch menu. This place is by the water and during the summer, spring, or fall seasons, the outdoor seating is open to visitors. If it is a bit chilly, they keep the outdoor heaters placed around many tables to make it comfortable for everyone.


Here is what we recommend you order:
Habanero Quesadillas
Cauliflower Tacos
Grilled Street Corn
Guacamole and Chips
You can ask for them to substitute the meat with bell peppers if you are a vegetarian

Boston Burger Company

We think this is by far the best burger spot. If you are vegetarian, worry not as they have plenty of options and they are tasty!


Here is what we recommend you order:
The Hot Mess
Veggie Burger

Again, you can ask for them to substitute any meat with bell peppers and other veggies if you are a vegetarian.

Honey Grow

If you are looking for some Asian food with spices, then this is the place for you. The rice and noodles are by far the best and we love how they toss these with veggies and hot sauces.


Here is what we recommend you order:
Spicy Garlic Noodles
Sweet Soy Five Spice
Red Coconut Curry

You can make your bowl by selecting the type of base (noodles or rice) along with selecting your veggies and sauces. 

Jonquils Cafe & Bakery

We suggest visiting this cafe in the afternoon or after dinner. This is one of the cutest cafes in Boston located on Newbury street. The ambience and decor are exceptional and what makes it unique from other cafes.

Here is what we recommend you order:
Drinks: Flat White or Hot Chocolate
Desserts: Apricot Almond, Origami, Hazelnut Caramel 

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