About Us!


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Our Mission

We are a community and an educational powerhouse delivering lifestyle, health, wellness and educational content to help edit, educate and make your lives more fun and meaningful at low to no costs.

Our Core Values

We believe every individual should have access to quality skills, educational, wellness and lifestyle content for free or an affordable price. We find it mind boggling that people are forced to pay enormous prices every month to access content and courses that can help them improve their overall quality of life. The ROI isn’t even worth it at times.

Think about it – Individuals sign up for communities and schooling and then top it up with other courses and end paying over $400k during their life but in return, that isn’t even the average annual income they earn. As we all know, educating yourself is a lifelong process. Be it with the intention of personal development or getting a boost in your career.

Hence, we are on a mission to disrupting the idea of pay more get more in this space in tandem providing qualitative content that you can rely on for educating yourself.

theEditr is a part of the parent company theEditr LLC that owns both theEditr (content and education driven) & Bizimple, our web, app development and analytics service provider.